How to Download Games on TI-84 Plus CE

If you’ve spent any time on Calc King, you know that the TI-84 calculator is the most popular graphing calculator for students across the globe. Millions of students are using the classic TI-84, and thousands are upgrading to the latest TI-84 Plus CE.

These calculators are intended for some hardcore math work, but if you’re on this page, you probably just found out that you can actually download games to your TI-84 Plus CE (and previous models) calculator!

In fact, we have a collection of games for the TI-84 that you can download now for free, including Flappy Bird, Pac-Man, Geometry Dash, Snake, and many more!

It’s also really easy to download and install these games to your calculator and start using it in new and entertaining ways.

Teachers, look away now!

What You Need to Download Games

The Process of Downloading Games to Your TI-84 Plus CE

  1. Download and install the TI Connect CE software
  2. Download and extract the game you want to load onto the calculator
  3. Send the game your calculator from inside TI Connect CE (details below)
  4. Launch the game on your calculator
  5. Play the game in math class (j/k – don’t get caught!)

Okay, so once you’ve got the TI Connect CE software installed and you’ve downloaded the ZIP file for a game you want to load, you’re ready to start.

Open up the TI Connect CE program (either on Windows or Mac) and then click on the Calculator Explorer tab on the left-hand side.

From here, you need to connect your TI-84 Plus CE to your computer using the charging cable. Your calculator should then pop up in the Connected Calculators section and in the main window you should see a list of all the files stored on your TI-84.

Go to the folder where you downloaded and extracted your game, select all of the files you extracted, and then drag and drop those files right into TI Connect CE.

When you do this you’ll get a Send to Calculators prompt. Click Send and, if the software asks you too, click Replace to replace any files already stored on the calculator.

The game is now on your calculator, and to play it, you just need to run the correct file.

Grab your trusty TI-84 Plus CE and press the [prgm] button, then select the game you want to play by pressing enter.

To launch the game on your calculator, press enter again.

That’s it! You should now see the game load up on your calculator and ready to play. You’ve successfully downloaded and installed games onto your TI-84 Plus CE, and now the world is your oyster!

Just remember to not play during class (or at least don’t get caught). Let us know in the comments how you got on with installing games on your calculator, and please share this article with your friends so they can learn how to do it too!

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